WASWorked All States)

I collect QSL of all American states to get WAS Award.
However, my antenna is lower than TV antenna, and the power is poorer.
All of American HAM radio stations, please pick up my weak signal.
Picking up of my weak signal is to need patience.Thank you very much.....

See you on the air.

This is
JN1BBO from Saitama near Tokyo in Japan.

Red star is Cfm.

 No  State  Japanese  Code  QSL  I know ・・・・
 01  Alabama  アラバマ AL    
 02  Alaska  アラスカ AK  
 03  Arizona  アリゾナ AZ  
 04  Arkansas  アーカンソー AR  
 05  California  カリフォルニア CA All the leaves are brown and the sky is gray.
I've been for a walk on a winter's day.
I'd be safe and warm if I was in L.A.
California dreamin' on such a winter's day
California Dreamin' by Mamas And Papas.This song was used in old days in TV CM of Japan.
 06  Colorado  コロラド CO  
 07  Connecticut
 コネチカット CT  
 08  Delaware  デラウェア DE    
 09  Florida  フロリダ FL  
 10  Georgia  ジョージア GA Georgia is famous for the name of the "Japanese canned coffee" in Japan.
 11  Hawaii  ハワイ HI   
 12  Idaho  アイダホ ID Potato
 13  Illinois  イリノイ IL  
 14  Indiana  インディアナ IN    
 15  Iowa
 アイオワ IA  
 16  Kansas  カンザス KS    
 17  Kentucky  ケンタッキー KY   Kentucky Fried Chicken is popular in Japan. Of course it is my favorite food.
 18  Louisiana  ルイジアナ LA ・・・My Louisiana Mama From New Orleans・・・Louisiana Mama,60's hit song
 19  Maine  メーン ME    
 20  Maryland  メリーランド MD  
 21  Massachusetts  マサチューセッツ MA    
 22  Michigan  ミシガン MI    
 23  Minnesota  ミネソタ MN  
 24  Mississippi  ミシシッピ MS  
 25  Missouri  ミズーリ MO    
 26  Montana  モンタナ  MT  
 27  Nebraska  ネブラスカ NE  
 28  Nevada  ネバダ NV  
 29  New Hampshire  ニューハンプシャー NH    
 30  New Jersey  ニュージャージー NJ  
 31  New Mexico  ニューメキシコ NM  
 32  New York  ニューヨーク NY Intellect, physical strength, and Victory or defeat is all a matter of chance,Do you want to go to New York?・・・
Famous words of old quiz show of TV in Japan.
 33  North Carolina  ノースカロライナ NC    
 34  North Dakota  ノースダコタ ND    
 35  Ohio  オハイオ OH  
 36  Oklahoma  オクラホマ OK   Oklahoma Mixer・・・Standard music of folk dance at athletic meet of Japan.
 37  Oregon  オレゴン OR "Love from Oregon" is old drama of TV in Japan 
 38  Pennsylvania  ペンシルバニア PA  
 39  Rhode Island  ロードアイランド RI    
 40  South Carolina  サウスカロライナ SC    
 41  South Dakota  サウスダコタ SD    
 42  Tennessee  テネシー TN  
 43  Texas  テキサス TX Texas leaguer, hits of baseball 
 44  Utah  ユタ UT  
 45  Vermont  バーモント VT   Vermont is famous as the name of the curry roux in Japan.An apple and honey are used for the curry roux..
 46  Virginia  バージニア VA  
 47  Washington  ワシントン WA  
 48  West Virginia  ウェストバージニア WV   Almost Heaven, West Virginia Blue Ridge Mountains, Shenandoe River ・・・ COUNTRY ROADS by Olivia Newton-John was the record which I bought for the first time.
(The record was sold only in Japan.).
 49  Wisconsin  ウィスコンシン WI  
 50  Wyoming  ワイオミング WY  
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